L’Arche Boston North Administrative Team

L’Arche Boston North owes its continuous success and community growth to its committed office staff. These staff members are important members of the L’Arche family – they handle day-to-day operations while keeping L’Arche organized and running.

    • Swanna Champlin, Community Leader/Executive Directorlinkedin-iconsocial_linkedin_box_blueEmail_Icon
      image of swanna champlinSwanna Champlin moved to Massachusetts in July 2002 to serve as a live-in assistant with 2 women living at L’Arche Boston North, formerly L’Arche Irenicon. Living in a L’Arche home meant nothing to her then but since then L’Arche has become her home. She has served as a live-in assistant, program coordinator and interim director and finally as executive director/community leader. Swanna has been the Community Leader since 2004 after teaching for 15 years in special education. She has 2 married sons and 2 grandsons.
    • Pamela McGrath after nearly 10 years is stepping down as our Director of Development and Outreach on April 30th. It is with a heavy heart that we say good-bye as she has been leading the way to so many accomplishments in that time. We have Pam to thank for building relationships with many businesses in Haverhill and all over the North Shore. Her efforts accomplished everything from 3 kitchen renovations to a roof to our FIRST ACCESSIBLE HOME which had been a part of our strategic planning for more than 5 years. The original Taste of Spring was Pam’s creation which has been our fund and friend raiser for 9 successful years. Pam has been well integrated into L’Arche life and will be missed. She will be spending unlimited summer vacation time with her grandchildren along with quality time with her four-footed friend Maggie before moving on to new experiences. We wish her well.
    • Jennifer Matthews, Program Coordinatorsocial_linkedin_box_blueEmail_Icon
      image of jenJennifer Matthews came to L’Arche Boston North in 2006. She started her L’Arche career as the office manager and has gone on to serve as the Program Coordinator since 2007. Jennifer is currently working towards her Masters of Social Work Degree at Salem State University. Jennifer is married with one young son and one large black Labrador.
    • Vanessa Henry, Community Coordinator social_linkedin_box_blueEmail_Icon
      image of vanessa henryVanessa is a native of Massachusetts, however, she learned about L’Arche while living in Washington DC working as a case manager for the office of aging and disability in Arlington Virginia. There she was assigned case management of L’Arche Highland house and it wasn’t long before she was won over by the gentle nature of assistants and core members. After deciding to move back to the Merrimack Valley in 2008 it seemed natural for her to connect with the Boston North community and began sharing time as an assistant. In her 6 years here she has also served in the role of head of house and currently is the community coordinator. On her free time she enjoys spending time with her nephew and mentoring youth at her church.
    • Eileen Cadley, Office Managersocial_linkedin_box_blueEmail_Icon
      Eileen was hired as L’Arche Boston North’s Office Manager in 2010, over the past 5 years her role has changed to include fundraising/event planning, development and communications. Working in the non-profit industry is quite a change for Eileen, her past jobs were working in Advertising in New York City and Boston and before coming to L’Arche she worked for a local bank in Lowell, MA as a marketing manager. Eileen and her husband enjoy an active lifestyle, skiing, hiking, traveling and raising their two teenage daughters.
    • Diana Giard, Pastoral Minister social_linkedin_box_blueEmail_Icon
      image of diana giardHailing originally from the Midwest, Diana Giard, now claims New England as her home. A lover of people, she enjoys accompanying fellow community members through their L’Arche journey and witnessing their growth.She did a stint of community organizing and still holds social justice issues close to her heart, informing her faith and life’s mission. Her first encounter with L’Arche occurred when theCleveland community welcomed her with loving arms. In 2010, she left to get aMaster of Arts in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Chicago and form student leaders in Campus Ministry. Returning to L’Arche in 2014, she finds coming to L’Arche Boston North, serving an assistant, Head of House, and now Pastoral Minister has been an incredible gift. Living a life of L’Arche is a family affair for Diana, as her husband and son are both members of the community. Feel free to contact her!
    • Anna Weaver, Head of House Email_Icon anna
      Originally from Pennsylvania, Anna received her B.S. in Psychology before working as an assistant manager in a community for adults with disabilities in Virginia. In 2014 Anna spent a year in the L’Arche Edinburgh community in Scotland. After her year of voluntary service in Scotland Anna knew she wanted to be part of a L’Arche in the US and joined the L’Arche Boston North community in September of 2015. Anna hopes to use her experience and education to continue to enhance the lives of those around her as she steps into the HOH role.
    • Sara Pilco, Head of HouseEmail_Icon Sara is the Head of House Manager at Peace House. Sara stared as an assistant in July 2007.
    • Ariana Bachman,Head of HouseEmail_Icon
      Ariana joined L’Arche Boston-North in 2008, after being a friend of community for a few years before that. She has held a few different roles in community and has been an assistant in all four homes at one time or another. She became Head of House in 2011 and tries to use her experiences as an assistant to better live out the HOH role. Ariana has truly made L’Arche her second family with Core Members and assistants often being a part of her family celebrations and Holidays. Ariana is arguably the coolest Head of House and maybe even the coolest person we have and this community is so blessed to have her
    • Michael Richard,Head of Housesocial_linkedin_box_blueEmail_Icon
      image of michael richardMichael joined L’Arche Boston Northin the spring of 2013. He was an occasional volunteer who wandered into a community that he now joyfully calls home (particularly Assisi House).