Become an Assistant at L’Arche Boston North in Haverhill, MA

The assistants are at the heart of our program. They are an essential part of the everyday lives or our core members. The strength in L’Arche Boston North is our strong community, and assistants join that community by sharing day-to-day life with our core members while enriching their daily tasks and routines through support and friendship. The assistants create the loving community in which our core members thrive and grow.

Assistants take on many roles within L’Arche. Some assistants live with our core members within our four homes, while others live outside of our properties but share much of their time with our community. Assistants take on many roles in the daily lives of our members, including:

  • image of l'arche boston membersproviding transportation
  • preparing meals
  • managing schedules
  • completing household responsibilities
  • planning and participating in social events
  • in general, creating life in the home with core members

Assisting our community is not limited to the tasks above – there is a shared leadership model.

To be qualified to assist within our community we ask that you are at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license. While you do not need experience working with someone with a disability you do need an open heart and the desire to work as part of a team.

To be considered for an assistant’s role please fill out the form below. Someone from our office will get back to you shortly!

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Assistant Role Description

Relief Assistant Role Description

Awake Overnight Role Description

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