Awake Overnight/Seizure Monitor Role Description

**Primary duty associated with the role will be to monitor a 53 year old male with a seizure disorder throughout the night**


  • Carrying out this mans ‘seizure protocol’
    • Including accompanying him to the hospital in the event of a major seizure
  • General monitoring of the home where three other men with developmental disabilities live along with several other live-in care-giver assistants.
  • Accompanying this man as he rises and prepares for his work day each morning
    • Ensuring his safety
    • Adhering to L’Arche philosophy of ‘doing with/not for’
  • Carrying out any other duties, including clerical, cleaning, laundry, making lunches, etc. as assigned by the Head Of House
  • Important attention must also be paid to the fact that this is a home where numerous people will be sleeping. Therefore, the person holding this role will be expected to maintain the utmost in a quiet and peaceful environment conducive to the rest of the others in the home throughout the night. This person will also be expected to respect the social milieu in which the other care-giver assistants live their lives, including the possibility of guests visiting the home from time to time as this is an important facet of the communal life of L’Arche Boston North.
  • The person holding this role will be expected to familiarize themselves with the philosophy of L’Arche and be capable of living this philosophy in all aspects of the role as well as become familiar with and adhere to the L’Arche Boston North Employee Handbook and all policies and procedures therein.
  • The person holding this role will be directly supervised by the Head of House at L’Arche Boston North’s Gandhi House with additional supervision provided by the Irenicon Leadership Team as warranted.

40 Hours as follows:

Saturday 9pm to 9am through Tuesday nights 9 pm to 7 am

Full Health Benefits, Option to pay into Dental, Accident, Cancer, Disability coverage


  • First Aid
  • CPR