L’Arche USA

The first L’Arche community in the United States was founded in 1972 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Today, L’Arche USA includes 18 communities located in Iowa, Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Kansas, Alabama, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, New York, California, Washington D.C., Georgia, and Missouri, as well as emerging communities in: Central Virginia; Long Island, New York; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; Frederick, Maryland; New Hampshire  and Colorado. Each community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and is governed by its own board of directors and managed by caring and professional staff. L’Arche communities are united through their membership in the International Federation of L’Arche.

To learn more about L’Arche USA click here to visit their website.
To learn about L’Arche locations near you click on the interactive map.

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