About Us

At L’Arche Boston North we envision and inspire a world that welcomes difference and celebrates the gifts of all people.

LBN is a community where people with developmental disabilities and those who assist them live together as family and a sign of hope to the greater community. We celebrate and embrace an ecumenical spirit!

Our Mission

  • To Create home where the gifts of people with developmental disabilities are revealed through mutually transforming relationships
  • To embrace our diverse cultures working together to build a more human society
  • To foster an environment that is inspired by the core values of our founding story: relationships, transformation, and being a sign of hope and a response to the changing needs of our members

Community Life

image of L'Arche Boston North core members

Sr. Pat (founding Assistant) and Judi (circa 1980)

Community life in L’Arche for a person with an intellectual disability may be a place to live independently, or in a household with others, as well as a place of work: day programs, a part-time job, crafts, services…or a place of home based activity; at all times it is a place of support and guidance that adapts as well as possible to the needs of each individual; it is also a place of commitment, to share daily life with the support of Assistants and other community members.

L’Arche Boston North homes are places of welcome for all people, we are an inter-denominational faith community where the gifts of intellectually disabled adults (core members) are revealed through mutually transforming relationships.  Our daily life is centered around four communal homes and the 20 “core members”, who call L’Arche Boston North their home.  These core members have valuable lessons to impart to everyone they meet. Faith, patience, love and joyful spontaneity make them, in L’Arche language, true ‘teachers of the heart’.