L’Arche Boston North Administrative Team

L’Arche Boston North owes its continuous success and community growth to its committed office staff. These staff members are important members of the L’Arche family – they handle day-to-day operations while keeping L’Arche organized and running.

    • Jennifer Matthews
      Executive Director/ Community Leader social_linkedin_box_blue Email_Icon

      image of jenJennifer Matthews came to L’Arche Boston North in 2006. She started her L’Arche career as the office manager and went on to serve as the Program Coordinator in 2007 and Community Leader in 2017. Jennifer is currently working towards her Masters of Social Work Degree at Salem State University. Jennifer is married with two children: Jackson, age 5, and new addition Ben, born in December 2016. Her family also includes two black labs, Fenway and Riley.

    • Vanessa Henry
      Director of Community Life and Learning social_linkedin_box_blue Email_Icon

      image of vanessa henryVanessa is a native of Massachusetts; however, she learned about L’Arche while living in Washington, DC, working as a case manager for the Office of Aging and Disability in Arlington, Virginia. There she was assigned case management of L’Arche Highland House, and it wasn’t long before she was won over by the gentle nature of assistants and Core Members. After deciding to move back to the Merrimack Valley in 2008, it seemed natural for her to connect with the Boston North community and begin sharing time as an assistant. In her 6 years here she has also served in the role of Head of House and currently is the Community Coordinator. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her nephew and mentoring youth at her church.

    • Michael Richard
      Director of Residential Services social_linkedin_box_blueEmail_Icon

      Michael joined L’Arche Boston North in the spring of 2013.  He was an occasional volunteer who wandered into a community that he now joyfully calls home. He has lived and shared time at Assisi House as first an Assistant, and then House Manager for almost 3 years. Michael was promoted to the Program Coordinator role in July 2017. When Michael is not spending time in community, he enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, and spending time with his family, particularly his two nieces.
    • Molly LeBlanc-Medeiros
      Community Outreach and Development Coordinator social_linkedin_box_blue Email_Icon

      Molly came to L’Arche as an AmeriCorps volunteer in 2011. She loved living at Gandhi House and stayed on to become Head of House and later to attend graduate school at Merrimack College while working collaboratively with a team of Core Members to investigate the concept of Meaningful Day. She spent 6 months as a volunteer at the L’Arche community in Kolkata, India, and returned to live as an assistant at Pat House. She is a member of the L’Arche USA Inclusion Team and the L’Arche International Faith and Culture program. She lives at Martha and Mary House with her sisters and a Core Member through Shared Living. She shares time in several L’Arche Boston North homes and at the office.
    • Nicole Harry
      House Manager, Pat House Email_Icon

      Nicole originally joined L’Arche Boston North the Summer of 2013 as the House Manager of Peace House. While Nicole left her full time role in Community to run a food pantry, L’Arche remained in her heart and she was a relief assistant when Community needed her.  Nicole was excited to come back to Community full time in the Summer of 2018 as House Manager of Pat House.  When not in community, Nicole enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with family, especially her nephew.
    • Sara Pottberg
      House Manager, Peace House Email_Icon

      Sara is the House Manager at Peace House.  Sara was introduced to L’Arche by a priest, who gave her a book titled The Fountain of Tears by Jean Vanier. Over time, Sara began to reflect on Vanier’s words.  Sara became a part of L’Arche in July 2007 when she joined the L’Arche Boston North community as a live-in assistant. She is originally from Peru-Amazonas. Sara worked in Lima-Peru for 4 years as a kindergarten teacher and in Ecuador-Santo Domingo de los Colorados for 1 year with children with malnutrition. She has a degree in Psychology. When she is not working, Sara enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

    • Ariana Bachman
      House Manager, Nazorean House Email_Icon

      Ariana joined L’Arche Boston-North in 2008, having being a friend of community for several years. She has held a few different roles in community and has been an assistant in all four homes at one time or another. She became Head of House in 2011 and tries to use her experiences as an assistant to better live out the HOH role. Ariana has truly made L’Arche her second family, with Core Members and assistants often being a part of her family celebrations and Holidays. Ariana is arguably the coolest Head of House and maybe even the coolest person we have; this community is so blessed to have her!
    • Sophie LeBlanc-Medeiros
      House Manager, Assisi House Email_Icon

      Sophie LeBlanc-Medeiros is the third of her sisters to join the L’Arche Boston North community. She is a dancer, a writer, a photographer, and a traveler; she has spent time in places as far away as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Turkey. Sophie moved to Assisi house in September of 2016 after spending six months volunteering at Friends of Camphill in Bangalore, India. There, she shared life with adults with developmental disabilities and ran their candle workshop. Before her time in India, Sophie worked on Cape Cod for Community Systems, Inc., a group home-based organization supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Since moving to Assisi House, she has developed an understanding and deep love for the friends with whom she shares a home and life. She looks forward to the joys and challenges that accompany her new House Manager position at Assisi House.

    • Tammy Gagnon
      Director of Finances Email_Icon

      Tammy Gagnon came to L’Arche in 2016. Her hard work and dedication to our community keep us on a strong financial footing, and she is always available with a listening ear whenever anyone in community needs help. Tammy enjoys spending time with her family, particularly her four children, and is a woman who practices her faith with strong conviction.

    • Alexis Boyens-Hahn
      Administrative Assistant Email_Iconsocial_linkedin_box_blue

      Alexis Boyens-Hahn joined L’Arche as their administrative assistant on August 12, 2019. She has had previous experience working with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Her most recent experience is as a substitute teacher for the Nashua School District in Nashua, NH and as an office manager for a local carpet and upholstery cleaning company. She lives with her husband, Lucas, and together have a cat named Helena. In her free time she can be found knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, practicing her illustration skills, and baking. She is very excited to work with the community and grow with L’Arche.