L’Arche Boston North Board of Directors

L’Arche Boston North is a 501c3 nonprofit organizations and is governed by a Board of Directors.  The Board oversees legal and financial management of the organization.   We are always seeking community members from a variety of professions who are interested in sharing their time, talent and experience.   Please contact Jennifer Matthews, Executive Director of L’Arche Boston North if you are interested in becoming part of our board: office@larchebostonnorth.org

Our current Board of Directors consists of local community/business leaders. The Board is looking to increase funding, recruit volunteers, and improve the quality of life for all L’Arche Boston North residents.

L’Arche Boston North’s Current Board Of Directors:

  • Bill Keating, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Bill joined the L’Arche Board in April of 2018 and hopes to add to its strategic and financial oversight. He is the Chief Financial Officer for the Nexxus Group located in Beverly, MA. He served in the same capacity for Micropore, Inc. of Elkton, MD. He was previously a member of the finance faculty at Bentley University; served in a number of roles at Polaroid Corporation where he helped carve out Polaroid’s R&D Group to form ZINK management. Bill holds a BS in Finance and a PhD in Economics from Arizona State University and a CPA (MA). He enjoys golf and reading and is actively involved in the Special Needs Community. He and his wife Christy have three adult daughters ( Sarah, Emily and Julia).


  • Beth Barsotti, Vice President

Beth joined the L’Arche Boston North Board in 2020.

Beth is passionate about people and desires for each person to know and share the gifts they have been given. She is currently a PhD Student in Theology and Education at Boston College as well as a Resident Minister sharing life with college students on the Boston College campus.

Her relationship with L’Arche began in 2003 when she joined the L’Arche Greater Washington, DC community for four years. The relationships Beth formed in L’Arche remain foundational to who she is as a person and how she sees the world. In 2010 she earned a Masters of Divinity degree from University of Notre Dame and began working in the area of Faith Formation integrating lessons of L’Arche in her ministry. She worked in Catholic churches in Iowa and Oregon as well as in Campus Ministry at University of Portland. While in Portland, Beth served on the L’Arche Portland Board of Directors. She is thrilled to now be part of the L’Arche Boston North community.


  • Thomas Murphy, Secretary

I began my L’Arche journey in 2002, when I moved in to what was then image of Tom MurphyHouse, and lived alongside core members there and at Gandhi House, for seven years. Like many L’Arche new-comers, I was anticipating a “year of service,” but soon learned that L’Arche had different plans for me. What I thought would be a short stay to serve people with disabilities became (to-date) a sixteen-year journey of friendship and learning how to welcome my own vulnerabilities. Instead of helping people with disabilities, I soon realized that I was the one being helped. Our core members were teaching me, via deep and genuine friendships of the heart, how to become gentler, more fully human, more authentically myself. Along the way, I had the chance to serve in leadership roles and as the pastoral minister for L’Arche Boston North. I also had the chance to work on the national level on a number of projects and commissions, especially on numerous formation retreats for L’Arche newcomers. With no formal role in L’Arche currently,  I have the great pleasure of simply showing up to visit with my friends. My scholarly research is dedicated to amplifying the gifts that the core members and the communal lifestyle of L’Arche offer to our fractured world. Concurrent with this, I am constantly seeking opportunities to connect students and colleagues at Boston College with the mission and relationships of L’Arche Boston North.  I am eternally grateful to this community for helping me to walk the transformative road of vulnerability, love and communion, and cherish the opportunity to serve as a member of the board of directors to return the favor in some small way

  • Lynette McCrae, Treasurer

Lynette joined the L’Arche Board in May 2018 after learning about L’Arche and its mission. Lynette has a son with a disability and has spent many years advocating for him and planning for his future. She is honored to bring this experience and knowledge with her to the board. Lynette is a first-generation college graduate who obtained her Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Business Administration. After working for a couple of years she realized that she was not done with her educational goals. She went back to school and obtained her Master’s degree in Management. She is still not sure that she has completed her educational goals but further studies will be something for the future as her main desire for the present is to spend as much time with her husband and three sons as possible.She currently works as an admissions counselor at Cambridge College and also serves as on the Board of the Lawrence Family Development Charter School. 

  • Christine Harrington, Director

Just after college graduation unsure of a career path, I was hired to be part of a pilot project in New Hampshire. As a resident adviser, it was my great good fortune to assist folks leaving Laconia State School and Training Center to embrace life in their home communities. That experience profoundly influenced me personally and professionally and shaped the rest of my life. The people I met there, including my dear friend and teacher, Shelley Bell, have sustained and motivated me for many years. For more than three decades I was employed as a human service worker by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Over the years serving on several nonprofit boards, earning a Master’s degree, being a volunteer guardian for two folks needing someone in their corner, and family life have kept me busy. As a board member I look forward to my time with L’Arche being both fruitful and as opportunity to be part of people creating and living meaningful rich lives.

  • Joselyne Nkogo, Director

Dr. Joselyne Chenane Nkogo, a native of Kenya, is an Assistant Professor in the School of Criminology and Justice Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Dr. Nkogo earned her Ph.D. in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska, Omaha in 2018. Additionally, she holds a Master’s degree in criminal justice from the State University of New York, college at Buffalo and a Bachelor’s degree in Education (with a specialization in English and Literature) from Egerton University in Kenya. Her research interests include immigration, police-citizen relations, police legitimacy, consequences of contact with the criminal justice system, race and justice, and neighborhood contexts and crime. Dr. Nkogo enjoys talking to people about finding and nurturing their God given purposes, reading, meeting new people/cultures, and mentoring women and young people.

Joselyne joined the L’Arche Board in 2020.