Join L’Arche Boston North For Dinner

Thank you for your interest in joining L’Arche for dinner. Each household eats together nightly at around 6 p.m., everyone sits down and shares a meal together. This is an important time in the day as everyone comes together to share news, chat, celebrate and simply be with one another. After the meal we spend time together either at the table or in the living room to sit with each other and reflect. Often a candle is lit, and sometimes a reading is chosen. Thoughts and reflections around the reading or the day are shared. There is time for each one to express their prayers silently, aloud or in sign language. This is an important and valuable part of the day. We all help with the cleanup, and preparing lunches for the next day.

There is then time for outings or leisure activities. Some people may go visit another house, some may go for an evening walk, or some may go to visit family or a friend. Others may simply relax in front of the television. Dinnertime is informal – come as you are.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

– Mother Theresa