L’Arche Boston North Shared Living

From left to right:
Tom Murphy, Board of Directors
Devin, Core Member at Nazorean House
Fran, Core Member in Shared Living with Molly
Molly LeBlanc-Medeiros, Community Outreach and Development Coordinator/Shared Living Provider

A Transformative Relationship

L’Arche Boston North’s Shared Living program is based on our mission of creating a home where sharing life together leads to mutually transformative relationships. Shared Living Home Providers host Core Members (adults living in L’Arche diagnosed with intellectual/developmental disabilities) in their homes and accompany a Core Member’s daily needs.

While in a Shared Living relationship, you are allowing yourself to open up to new experiences including different faith and spiritual practices, meeting people involved in the life of a Core Member, and creating new friendships. Shared Living Home Providers learn new ways to communicate and show their love and support for somebody.

24/7 L’Arche Support

Our Shared Living program is supported and supervised by a Shared Living Coordinator through monthly home visits, 24/7 on-call emergency support, and formation in creating a L’Arche Home.

Our team works closely with the Core Member and/or family as well as the Home Providers to identify potential matches and provide ongoing support with the management of the Core Member’s needs. This program also allows some family members or relatives (who are not parents or guardians) to become Shared Living Home Providers for their loved one.

L’Arche embraces the philosophy of being a sign of hope for the world through building mutual relationships that embrace the gifts of our Core Members. With this in mind, we are committed to matching Core Members with providers who have a demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the Core Member’s unique needs.

What being in a L’Arche community offers:

  • Administrative support and oversight with our Director of Residential Services
    • Sets up monthly visits to Share Living Homes to review medical data, ISP goals, health, and safety
    • Review any needs or respite requests
    • Provide 24/7 on-call support
    • Coordinate Respite care
  • L’Arche Home Solidarity with our Community Outreach andDevelopment Coordinator
    • Encourages community engagement
    • Helps create formation on prayer after dinner and instilling the importance of meal times
    • Provides spirituality and faith practice resources
    • Educates Home Providers on hospitality, simplicity, and celebration
  • Access to our vibrant Community Life
    • Weekly and monthly community events, including:
      • Bowling
      • Birthday and Anniversary celebrations
      • Prayer and spiritual gatherings
    • Retreats
    • Inclusion in L’Arche regional, national, and international gatherings and travel opportunities
    • Accompaniment and community formation opportunities
    • Barbecues and community social gatherings
    • L’Arche celebrations
  • Support in fostering relationships within our community and the greater community
  • A support network of other Shared Living Home Providers living in L’Arche
  • Formation surrounding “doing with, and not for

Monthly Stipends

Home Providers receive a generous tax-exempt monthly stipend based on the level of care the person requires. Payment includes room and board and basic day-to-day care and supports. This program is funded by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

Stipends are given at the beginning of each month. The average annual stipend range is between $30,000 and $45,000. Shared Living Contacts are reviewed annually with DDS. The DDS fiscal year is July 1st through June 30th.

A Fulfilling Experience

Shared Living Home Providers work transparently to provide consistent and holistic care with the help of L’Arche, DDS, Core Member day programs, and medical professionals.

Home Providers are responsible for maintaining optimal healthcare and providing supervision and ongoing support in areas of daily living. Each Core Member is different and therefor their personal self-maintenance skills can vary.

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