The “Art Gang” of L’Arche Boston North

October 2014
By Mary Robison

image of l'arche artMany years back, at the suggestion of our director, Swanna Champlin, Bill Lambert began a weekly trip from his art studio in Maine down to Haverhill. Bill would bring his bags of brushes and paints to each house in our community. Every art session began with the usual excitement of greetings, hugs and conversation, and then, simply and naturally, bright and creative images flowed from the hands of each core member. Our first art exhibit brought family and friends of the community together to enjoy our art. We then mounted a new exhibit annually, and saw the emergence of “Taste of Spring”, a huge fundraising event that showcases an auction of the core members’ framed works of art.

Our “art gang” is still transforming. Art teacher Mary Robison joined us, and each individual embraced Mary with full hearts. With
limitless creative imagination, Mary brought a fresh artistic vision to the studio and core members responded with wild, colorful works of art. Each new work of art says something about the creative soul of each person, and about our wonderfully collaborative spirit. As part of our art experience we continue to build the L’Arche community.

Bill and Mary are also part-time assistants in our houses — Bill for 18 years, Mary for two.

Click here to see the gallery of artwork created by L’Arche core members.