We Know How to Have Fun Here

Nobody parties like L’Arche. Case in point: our Halloween soirée at Assisi House. At Pat’s House (where your humble reporter was sharing time) the costuming began early, as Sheriff Phil waited patiently for his posse—


Fran donned a banana costume while Todd helped Dan get ready—


The other two houses—Peace and Naz—sent their own caped crusaders including Wonder Woman (alias Doris)—


And the party was underway. But wait! A second Todd showed up, crashing the party! (Thanks to Aaron for supplying the photographic evidence.)—


Your humble reporter tried to take a group shot but a melee broke out. A dashing trio from a Monty Python movie threatened Sheriff Phil—who can’t be shaken, ever—


Finally, Devin arrived in a HazMat uniform and brought things back to a semblance of order—


In the end it was all too much for Fran, who slipped into a chair back home at Pat’s House, worn out by all the fun—


Thank goodness, Halloween comes only once a year.