Legacy Gifts

Establish an enduring legacy for L’Arche Boston North through charitable gift planning. You will not only be supporting L‘Arche Boston North (a 501c3 charitable organization under IRS rules) and our mission of “lifelong homes” long into the future, you will also realize financial, tax and estate planning benefits.

L’Arche Boston North accepts a variety of planned gifts from generous individual who are dedicated to ensuring the long term future of our community. Read on to learn more about the diverse giving options, or for more information or to discuss planned gift opportunities, please contact L’Arche Boston North Director of Development and Outreach at 978-374-6928.

Talk to your attorney about including specific language in your will or living trust naming L’Arche Boston North as the recipient is the easiest way to leave a planned gift to benefit our community. Your will or living trust can include gifts in the form of cash, securities or personal property and you may contribute a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or the residual of your estate in this manner. In addition, your estate will receive a charitable deduction for the full donation, so your heirs will not be subject to estate tax on these assets.

IRA money given directly to L’Arche Boston North is not subject to income tax. Preserving the full amount for charitable purposes. Most contributions to charitable organizations, including L’Arche Boston North, are considered qualified charitable contributions. However, distributions to donor-advised funds and supporting organizations do not qualify. As always, we advise donors to talk with their accountant and/or attorney in making these decisions.

Naming L’Arche Boston North as a beneficiary of your retirement funds is an easy and effective way to benefit the community. You also avoid significant and often unanticipated tax penalties as your retirement plan is tax deferred only until your death.
The remainder of these assets is subject to multiple taxes when included in your estate. Donating retirement accounts can reduce or eliminate these taxes completely and make a significant impact on our community’s future.

The simplest way to donate life insurance money to L’Arche Boston North is to designate our community as a beneficiary of the policy.

Need additional information? Call our L’Arche Boston North Development Director at 978-374-6928 or email at office@larchebostonnorth.org