Becoming a Core Member

When L’Arche welcomes a new core person, we anticipate that he or she will live in L’Arche for life. For that reason, openings in L’Arche are very rare and we move through the selection process carefully. A number of factors go in to the decision, including whether the prospective core person is interested in living in an intentional community.

Referrals for residential services come from family members and advocates, and the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Services are funded through DDS contracts as well as private payers and charitable donations. Here’s a short summary on how that happens:

  1. Prospective core people contact their local DDS (Department of Developmental Services) Agency.
  2. Through this process, the individual may seek residential, vocational, case management or a variety of other services.
  3. After completing the intake process, individuals who are looking for residential placement can ask their service coordinator to refer them to L’Arche.
  4. L’Arche reviews these questionnaires, contacts families if there are questions about eligibility, and then keeps these questionnaires on file. L’Arche contacts families when there is an opening at L’Arche.

L’Arche alone cannot meet the demand for housing in Massachusetts, but we do hope to inspire other providers to see those who have intellectual disabilities as gifted and valued people with something to offer our society.