Assistant Role Description

Role Summary:
Assistants provide skilled direct care supports to core people, ensure their safety and well-being, and support their integrated participation in all aspects of daily life. Assistants will learn how to serve and how to relate to others in this unique and vibrant environment.

Reports To:
Head of House Manager


  • Build a relationship of mutual care and support with persons with disabilities
  • Observe the rights and personal dignity of others
  • Foster a home life of unity, mutual respect, and participation by all household members
  • Learn and follow the policies and procedures of L’Arche
  • Complete all required training in a timely manner
  • Perform a variety of tasks, duties, and responsibilities aimed at helping and empowering core people with the various tasks of daily life, including:
    • Assisting core people with such activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, hygiene, preparing for work, preparing to sleep at night, and using the restroom
    • Administering medications to core people
    • Assisting core people to achieve their Individualized Support Plan (“ISP”) goals—objectives generated by the core people with their supporting team of friends, family, and professionals—which may include, for example, participating in physical exercises, planning a vacation, pursuing a hobby, and/or performing personal tasks with a certain level of independence
    • Assisting core people with cooking, eating, and packing lunches for work
    • Assisting core people with cleaning—floors, dishes, trash, recycling, loading/unloading dishwasher, toilets, showers
    • Assisting core people with laundry
    • Assisting core people with tracking and organizing their personal finances
  • Transport core people to and from their jobs or day programs
  • Support core people in various settings as assigned by the Service Team Leader, including during medical appointments, social activities, work closures, and sick days
  • Communicate and advocate effectively with doctors and other professionals
  • Support core people during the night and/or assist the Overnight Awake Assistant as assigned by the Service Team Leader
  • Complete documentation and paperwork regarding ISP goals, medication administration, and other activities in a timely manner
  • Participate in a variety of meetings, including: (1) House Service Team Meetings; (2) Training Meetings for learning relevant skills and renewing existing or obtaining additional certifications; (3) Supervision Meetings; (4) Team Accompaniment Meetings; and (5) other staff meetings called for various administrative purposes
  • Collaborate with other assistants and leaders to ensure a positive environment for all present and appropriate care for core people
  • Undertake other duties as assigned by the House Manager

Minimum Requirement

18 years of age or older

  • CORI and national finger print background checks
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Complete Fire Safety Training within 60 days of employment and annual Human Rights/ DPPC training

Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities

  • Strong verbal and written English communication skills
  • College education preferred
  • Desire to work with, to learn from, and to relate to people with intellectual disabilities
  • Desire to work in the context of an intentional, inter-denominational Christian community and to respect beliefs and spiritual journeys of people from a variety of religious and philosophical backgrounds (L’Arche Boston North welcomes assistants from all faith traditions and those who do not have a faith affiliation)
  • Creativity, flexibility, attention to detail, and ability to organize time
  • Maturity as demonstrated by the ability to share responsibility for managing a home, work cooperatively as part of a team, take responsibility for health and safety of others, and work with diverse individuals
  • Valid driver’s license and ability to drive comfortably in the city
  • Ability to learn about intellectual disabilities, mental health, health disorders, simple nursing care, behavior management strategies, personal hygiene, etc.
  • Ability to commit for minimum of one year

Physical Requirements:

  • Independently lift 50lbs while standing
  • Navigate stairs independently without assistance
  • Hear and respond to an alarm during the night (if providing overnight coverage)
  • Shovel emergency evacuation walk-ways in the event of snow
  • Provide physical hands on support to individuals during evacuation; this includes using a wheelchair, rolling bed or providing physical assistance
  • Independently ensure a safe evacuation for core members in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Bend, stoop, kneel, or stand for more than 15 minutes at a time to support core members to perform ADL’s. This includes; hands-on assistance with showering and bathing, personal hygiene, dressing, and meal preparation

Hours and Compensation

  • Regular rate of pay is set above the Massachusetts minimum wage rate and is based upon experience and relevant certifications.
  • Asleep or on call rate of pay is set at the Massachusetts minimum wage rate.
  • Your earned compensation will be paid on a bi-weekly basis
  • You are a non-exempt employee, and are entitled to overtime pay for any hours worked over 40 in a week. In accordance with state laws, your overtime rate is based on a blended regular rate of pay, which is calculated based on your total compensation/total number of hours worked/per week.