Join L’Arche Boston North For Prayer Night

Discover the spirituality of L’Arche by joining us for prayer night.  Prayer is central to living L’Arche. We are an ecumenical community centered in our faith in God and the importance of prayer.  We pray together daily in our homes, and all the homes gather with friends for prayer the first Thursday of every month.

“Prayer is the most concrete way to make our home in God.”

― Henry Nouwen

L’Arche Community members plan and lead the evening, using song, liturgy, drama, art, and small group discussion to reflect on God’s love for us. Prayer night is open to people of any or no religious beliefs.  If you are interested in learning more about L’Arche and develop relationships with our community members this is a wonderful way to start.

Prayer nights are held on the first Thursday of each month. Email us at to let us know if you plan to join us.

The L’Arche Prayer

Father, through Jesus our Lord and our brother,
We ask you to bless us.
Grant that L’Arche be a true home
where the poor in spirit may find life,
where those who suffer may find hope.
Keep in your loving care all those who come.
Spirit of God, give us greatness of heart,
that we may welcome all those You send.
Make us compassionate,
that we may heal and bring peace.
Help us to see, to serve, and to love.
O Lord, through the hands of your little ones, bless us.
Through the eyes of those who are rejected, smile on us.
O Lord, grant freedom, fellowship and unity
to all your children,
and welcome everyone into Your kingdom.